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"Women Are..." (A Poem)

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Women are

The face of change.

What we wish to see,

We can be.

Years and years,

How hard we’ve fought,

When men didn't lend

A single thought.

Generations of humans

All came from a woman and

Were raised by a woman

How powerful are we?

Yet here we are

In 2022

Fighting for the world

To see us as we do.

It's all been hard,

Through thick and thin,

But women support women,

Full stop, that’s it.

You call out to a mom in a grocery store,

Or ask a stranger for a tampon in a foreign place,

Maybe pretend to know someone just to get away,

And what do they do?

They protect.

Women are fighters,

We are lovers,

We unite us,

And even if it’s all falling down,




- Evelyn Peyovich

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