The Resilient Nature of a Woman

The resilient nature of a woman though often undermined,

can be seen amongst your female peers and all across mankind.

The resilient nature of a woman can be observed in the home or workplace.

Many frustrated females realize it’s because of their birthplace.

As men whom surround them belittle and resort to same sex favoring,

you will see a women pushing through the discrimination unwavering.

The resilient nature of a woman rises to the surface when crisis emerges.

Through the bleak and overwhelming, inhuman shambles,

You will most certainly see women pushing through until each and everyone around them has

reached safety in a scramble.

Yet despite the hardship women continue to face,

their so-called brothers and fathers continue to reverse all of the progress they have made.

So as the leaders of the so called free world strip away their natural rights and bodily autonomy

against our founding fathers decree,

you can count on women once again to be the resilient creatures God created them to be.

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