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Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Rhianna Levi

My Father gifted me the painting of Collier's Lilith, Feared as a female night being,

A grasp around the snake neck devil;

She nests the great owl.

Responsive to many names: Night Spectre


Night Jar



She is all of these and more.

In each sacred place, there she sits on a wooden branched throne.

The trunk of the knowledge tree has been manifested into the superior.

In her presence, wildcats meet with desert beasts, She is the haunting of the many as the angel of death. Poisoning single cherries.

Rhianna Levi is a teacher, academic, and writer from Worcester, England. She is the current Worcestershire Poet Laureate for 2022/23. Her writing and social media presence focuses on social issues, spirituality and humanity in the world. Rhianna is also an enthusiast of coffee, films and fluffy animals.

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