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Stella Bronwyn Morris

Executive Editor
Staff Writer

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Isabella Lobo

Prose and Poetry Editor

Stella Bronwyn Morris is a freshman at Rollins College majoring in political science. Raised by a single mother and ardent feminist, Morris is passionate about combating the issues that women face in the 21st century, particularly in leadership positions. When she is not busy with school she loves to bike ride and hike in her native South Florida, read books, hang out with her cats, and in the best of times, travel.

Isabella Lobo is a teenage artist, writer, and feminist from south Florida. She has been awarded at the national level through Scholastic Art and Writing and has been published in Counterclock Lit, Seeds Literary and Arts magazine, and the Harbor Review, among others. As hobbies she enjoys skateboarding, reading, and baking.


Adriana Marquez

Art and Photography Editor

Adriana Marquez is an artist with experience in multiple fields of art. She has helped to create murals, films and is training in music. Writing is something she enjoys very much and is working to improve on.


Tvisha Goel

Social Media Director

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Evelyn Peyovich

Web Designer
Issue Director

Evelyn Peyovich is a Benjamin school student (‘24) and a contributor at Olympe. She believes that by cultivating discussion around the issues that women face in the modern world, a sorely-needed change can truly be made. In addition to her academics, Evelyn is
involved in the creative world through both the written word and visual arts, working on commission for acrylic portraits in her free time. She wishes to continue these passions and use them to make her mark on society.

Tvisha Goel is a senior at The Benjamin School. She is a contributing member of Olympe and believes that a world divided in every aspect creates vulnerability, and therefore fights to help for equality for all. Beyond being a member of Olympe, she has her own blog called The Moving Finger Writes, written to combat censorship. Tvisha hopes to continue her passion for equality and social justice on all fronts.

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